#Detroit Is Much More

by odetroiter


I love Detroit.

I’ve been a resident for 33 years and 2 months and counting.

There is no one on God’s green earth that can say that I don’t represent Detroit in mostly all I do.

I tend to even support Detroit to a fault. I’m aware and I’m growing. Detroit has suffered from a lot of bad decisions. One of the results is the dilapidation of many of homes and businesses.

Today I was skimming through my timeline on IG and came across a picture that _nazgul posted (the picture above).  Now, she and her husband (TonyDetroit) post a lot of rundown homes and such as “art”. Now.. a lot of them are well taken pictures. Tony was my motivation to actually start taking pictures around the city. I really enjoyed his work. (When I joined Instagram, I didn’t know what to post.. or who to follow. My best friend made the suggestion to follow TonyDetroit. He loved his photos of random places in the city. I followed…and actually posted similar pics )

I noticed that in the comment section, there was a commenter from Denmark asking about the pics. He says (I’m paraphrasing because I was blocked after having an heated exchange with Nazgul and Tony.. and all the comments associated were deleted.. coward shit. )

“Is all of Detroit like that picture?”

She says “Not downtown, But all of the rest of the city is”

I was disturbed by her response. I KNOW that homes like the ones above are in Detroit. TONS. But is ALL OF DETROIT LIKE THAT OUTSIDE OF DOWNTOWN? NO.

I’ve never lived in a house like the one pictured above. I know that city well enough to know that there are tons of great homes in the city.. lots of nice neighborhoods. That’s not all of Detroit. I make a comment to the person (Not _Nazgul) that no, that isnt how the rest of the city looks. Yes, their are houses like that.. but thats now how ALL Detroit looks.

_Nazgul comments to me saying that Detroit looks like a post war city and thats her opinion. WHAT? I tell her thats that she should explore because that house isnt what ALL of Detroit looks like.. and to tell someone that is a really bad misrepresentation of what Detroit is. I tell her that her husband was a reason I started even posting pics to IG.. so I didn’t have an issues with the pics.. I just had an issue with saying ALL of Detroit is like that. She says some more about thats all she sees then ends her rant with “Peace.”.. I assume to end the conversation (A lot of yall love to have the last word, and thats cool with me).

I let it go. I’m done at this point.

THEN.. TonyDetroit comes in and comments to me. Now, He hasnt been involved in any of this conversation until this point. He starts off with some MLK quote about not hiding the truth. He’d pretty much supporting her and her views that all the city is what that picture shows.. well, he says 95%. Thats STILL misleading as all hell. He takes the stance that I dont know Detroit and how the city was great and now its just the pit of hell basically. I reassure Tony that they have me mistaken on what my original point was..


This fool TonyDetroit goes Hollywood on me. He starts telling me about how he’s been recognized in a number of magazine and other media companies. Saying that he doesn’t owe me any explanations for why he does what he do. Tells me that he grew up in the hood (actually very close to where I grew up) and that I wouldn’t understand.

Listen folks… I didn’t even alert him to that conversation. I actually complimented his work.. now this foolio is tag teaming with his wife (which she comes back in cosigning his stuff) on defending their exploitation of the city?

I told him I wasnt impressed with all his accolades and that he and his wife’s pics are horribly misleading to people out of the city..and wished them well on their exploitation project.


I know that Detroit is in need of repair.. on all levels. But ALL of Detroit isnt rotting away. A LOT is.. but not all.

For the Detroit readers (and others if you choose)… I challenge you to question TonyDetroit and _nazgul on Instagram to bringing a better viewing than what is currently advertised. I will certainty be posting better pictures of the city.

***Since yesterday when this post happened.. the IG post pictured has been deleted. Cowards.*****