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10 albums.. just 10?

Its been this post going around on Facebook about listing 10 albums.. ..

In your Facebook status, List 10 albums and/or CD’s that have struck a chord with you during your life. They don’t have to be the best selling or ones that had lots of hits. Just ones that have touched you in some way. In no order. 

It was a challenge.  I’ve heard so much music.. many albums that have impacted my music interest. BUT.. I managed to pick a great 10 albums that fit the description of the post.



This list of 10 may not be the best.. although some of those are in my favorites. But its a great list of albums that I grew up loving then and now.

#FML Day 2

Finally fell asleep. That whole day was tiring as all fucks. It’s still seeming like a bad dream. Im just hoping when I do wake up im finally in my bed. I was in a “holding cell” with 10 other clowns. Giving 2 blankets and dassit.

There was no beds. They really has us sleeping on the floor. THE FLOOR.

Most used one blanket for a pillow and the other to cover themselves. This shit has to be illegal. Ten dudes in a holding cell sleeping on the floor. YO.. im in there for a suspended license. I’m not a fucking criminal yo.

I wake up to guards and other inmates talking. I learn its breakfast time. I also find out its 5am. We all line up and get served these trays with “food” on them. Its a boiled egg, grits.. some cake like slice, an empty cup and some powered drink. That shit is so fucking nasty. I attempted to eat some of the food but I just could not. At the same time.. I’ve seen too many prison movies. Especially “Life”. I give up my cake or cornbread today.. im some inmates bitch tomorrow. Fucks that.. I tossed that shit in the garbage.

The battle of personalities in that place was major. Dudes really wanted to stand out.  It was a constant competition in who could be the funniest.. loudest.. tell the best “outside stories”.. in a nutshell.. it was like twitter. A lot of people new each other. I guess like minds hang out?

Retail theft and child support were the most common offenses I heard folks were in for. Whats interesting too is that Wayne County (mostly Detroit) rarely comes to other cities to pick up people for warrants. I would imagine that could be a piece of the puzzle as to why Detroit finances are the way they are. Small piece perhaps.. but a piece.

Later in the afternoon.. i wake up to seeing another dude being put in out holding cell. Black dude.. mid-twenties I would guess. He sits next to me and is mumbling to himself. I also notice his tattoos. He has a crown over each eye brow. Then, in between his eye brows.. he has Marvin the Martian tatted. After that.. just random music symbols tatted on his face.

Pure. Madness.

I learn that he was in for going to McDonald’s and busting out one of the big windows. and waiting for the police to come pick him up.. Yeah. he keeps getting up and down pacing around the holding cell. Now, its really no room to be walking around with all of us in there. He’s stepping over folks and all that. He picks up a pencil and grips it hard. I just knew at that point he was gonna shank someone… and I was WAY too close. It really wasn’t no place to go really. I just hoped like hell he didnt chose me. This is my thing: Folks with face tattoos cant be trusted. Its in the rule books. I seented it.

I lay back down.. totally glued on this fool. I refuse to die in jail to a nigga that has Marvin the Martian tatted on his forehead. Im tired and sleepy. My side is killing me from laying on the floor. I had prayed to God asking him to get me out of that place.

20 minutes later, the guard calls my name.

#FML, Day 1

2013 hasn’t been the best for me. From losing my gig the end of last year, to losing my dad in January..its just been fucked up. Job hunting has not been the best either. Still I rise?

Still I am alive. And while I’ve never remotely considered otherwise, I often wonder why am I being followed by this dark cloud of sorts.


I got stopped by the police last June while leaving work. My L’s were suspended at the time (riding dirty really caught up with me) so it was a second offense. That was my wake up call. I paid all my tickets that summer and got my license back after not having it for some time. Fast forward almost a year later. I had finally went to court to take care of this offense.

I’ll fast forward the court proceedings and sum it up to a bunch of public defenders who were ass clowns and basically never had my best interest at heart. Although they always tell you the worst case scenarios.. I never once thought to even consider em. I just wanted to maybe pay a fine, and at most some community service. Oakland County MI is one of the strictest counties in Michigan on any crimes.. small and up.

Thursday was the sentencing. I get there and i sent a tweet saying “pray for a brotha”. Meet with the public defender and he tells me its a chance that I could do seven days in jail… emphasizing the judge is strict and that’s getting off easy  I say, no.. community service is just fine. He tells me he’ll see what he can do.

I see folks leaving the court room before I enter. Folks that I’ve listened to their stories in the hallways and knew what they did. Worse things than my ticket. Assullt.. retail theft.. DUI’s.. shit that like that. Good day for them indeed.

My case came up quick. The Judge reads off my information. My court appointed gave his weak ass statement. I really couldn’t tell who side he was on. Im looking at him really wondering if he was the prosecutor. Im staring at the judge listening to her talk and thinking “fuck, is she on the rag this week or what?” She finally says

“You’ll spend the next 7 days in jail.” She said a bunch more.. but I was stuck on that part. BITCH, ARE YOU REALLY PUTTING ME IN JAIL FOR SEVEN DAYS THAT HOE ASS TICKET?! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

I was lead to the holding cell in the back of the court house. I couple more folks came in. We all had the boo boo face. One guy was in for violating his probation. he violated because he was falling behind on the payments for his probation and paid his rent instead. Judge game him 90 days for that. Now, he’s gonna get evicted, and his car gets repossessed. #sadderday. We loaded up with the rest of the folks that were being jailed in a van headed to the lovely place of Oakland County Jail. A dude named “fat fat” told the story of him being in a theft ring stealing shit from all the major malls. He talked the whole 30 minutes we were in that fucking van. We finally get to our destination.

After exchanging my normal clothing for a blue uniform (not before having to strip down to nothing having to squat and cough :( ) I had to “check in” to the facility. There, I found out that I would be getting 2 days off my sentence.. so 5 days. FUCK THIS SHIT STILL. ITS STILL FIVE FUCKING DAYS IN JAIL.

I get my “dinner”. First meal I had all day. bologna sandwich. FUCK MY LIFE. 

#Detroit Is Much More


I love Detroit.

I’ve been a resident for 33 years and 2 months and counting.

There is no one on God’s green earth that can say that I don’t represent Detroit in mostly all I do.

I tend to even support Detroit to a fault. I’m aware and I’m growing. Detroit has suffered from a lot of bad decisions. One of the results is the dilapidation of many of homes and businesses.

Today I was skimming through my timeline on IG and came across a picture that _nazgul posted (the picture above).  Now, she and her husband (TonyDetroit) post a lot of rundown homes and such as “art”. Now.. a lot of them are well taken pictures. Tony was my motivation to actually start taking pictures around the city. I really enjoyed his work. (When I joined Instagram, I didn’t know what to post.. or who to follow. My best friend made the suggestion to follow TonyDetroit. He loved his photos of random places in the city. I followed…and actually posted similar pics )

I noticed that in the comment section, there was a commenter from Denmark asking about the pics. He says (I’m paraphrasing because I was blocked after having an heated exchange with Nazgul and Tony.. and all the comments associated were deleted.. coward shit. )

“Is all of Detroit like that picture?”

She says “Not downtown, But all of the rest of the city is”

I was disturbed by her response. I KNOW that homes like the ones above are in Detroit. TONS. But is ALL OF DETROIT LIKE THAT OUTSIDE OF DOWNTOWN? NO.

I’ve never lived in a house like the one pictured above. I know that city well enough to know that there are tons of great homes in the city.. lots of nice neighborhoods. That’s not all of Detroit. I make a comment to the person (Not _Nazgul) that no, that isnt how the rest of the city looks. Yes, their are houses like that.. but thats now how ALL Detroit looks.

_Nazgul comments to me saying that Detroit looks like a post war city and thats her opinion. WHAT? I tell her thats that she should explore because that house isnt what ALL of Detroit looks like.. and to tell someone that is a really bad misrepresentation of what Detroit is. I tell her that her husband was a reason I started even posting pics to IG.. so I didn’t have an issues with the pics.. I just had an issue with saying ALL of Detroit is like that. She says some more about thats all she sees then ends her rant with “Peace.”.. I assume to end the conversation (A lot of yall love to have the last word, and thats cool with me).

I let it go. I’m done at this point.

THEN.. TonyDetroit comes in and comments to me. Now, He hasnt been involved in any of this conversation until this point. He starts off with some MLK quote about not hiding the truth. He’d pretty much supporting her and her views that all the city is what that picture shows.. well, he says 95%. Thats STILL misleading as all hell. He takes the stance that I dont know Detroit and how the city was great and now its just the pit of hell basically. I reassure Tony that they have me mistaken on what my original point was..


This fool TonyDetroit goes Hollywood on me. He starts telling me about how he’s been recognized in a number of magazine and other media companies. Saying that he doesn’t owe me any explanations for why he does what he do. Tells me that he grew up in the hood (actually very close to where I grew up) and that I wouldn’t understand.

Listen folks… I didn’t even alert him to that conversation. I actually complimented his work.. now this foolio is tag teaming with his wife (which she comes back in cosigning his stuff) on defending their exploitation of the city?

I told him I wasnt impressed with all his accolades and that he and his wife’s pics are horribly misleading to people out of the city..and wished them well on their exploitation project.


I know that Detroit is in need of repair.. on all levels. But ALL of Detroit isnt rotting away. A LOT is.. but not all.

For the Detroit readers (and others if you choose)… I challenge you to question TonyDetroit and _nazgul on Instagram to bringing a better viewing than what is currently advertised. I will certainty be posting better pictures of the city.

***Since yesterday when this post happened.. the IG post pictured has been deleted. Cowards.*****




The Cattle Herd

Today I went to a jo.b fair.. better known as a cattle herd. Although I wasn’t on a farm.. and it wasn’t dudes on horses directing us.. that’s what the fuck it felt like.

One the biggest growing companies in Detroit had a job fair today. I need not say their name.. but most could figure it out. After a road closing and crazy detour, I get in the area of the place.  I couldn’t find the designated parking lot.. so I had to pay to park -_-

The line to get in the building is outside. It’s clear that most of Metro Detroit was attending this job fair. Once inside.. folks are given a mini clip board with a registration form to fill out. Nothing crazy, just your contact information and how you found out about the fair. As I fill out this form, I’m still walking in line.. we get to this point where you have to get your resume stapled to the form.

At this point.. I’m really feeling like Pookie when G-Money gave him the tour of the Carter..

Up the elevator we go to a floor that I think is the cafeteria. I wait for my name to be called overhead by a guy that was butchering EVERYONE’S  name. They offer random drinks and seating for folks.. I chose to stand. As I’m people watching.. I see that people really give no fucks about what they wear to meet a potential employer. It was chicks with cut sleeve shirts.. tight ass skirts. Dudes with jeans and random polo style shirts with gym shoes.

Once your name get called.. you line up to meet with a recruiter to do your “interview”. After meeting her, we go in to this big ass room that has tons of interviews going on. Its nothing private and discrete about this process. The girl I had didn’t even work in HR. She just seemed to be a random volunteer and I really felt that my time was wasted. Being that my background isn’t exactly fit for the company.. she really didn’t know what to do. From the description the job fair advertised, recruiters were suppose to gauge what would be a great fit based on your resume. not the case.

After that meeting.. you lead on a tour with some other employees. I’ll say this, the work atmosphere was really cool. Every station had duel monitors.. mechanical desk that raised and lowered by the push of a button. So you could stand at your desk if you wanted, or sat down and still be at eye level with the monitors. With bright colored walls and cool chairs.. it seems that folks that work there really enjoy the space.

The company advertised that they were looking to hire 500 people. Did that mean that they were gonna hire 500 yesterday, tomorrow.. within 2 years? Classic wordplay for great publicity and a awesome turnout. Who knows if I even get a call back.. I’ll just chalk it up as a trial run in practicing for interviews… and great people watching.


Seperated =/= Single


Some years back, i hit the bar solo to catch some game that was on. I get there.. and its these 2 older women I ended up sitting near them. One was blah, the other was nice looking. At some point, I ended up striking up conversation with the 2 ladies. Both were super kind. We bought rounds of drinks most the night. At the end of the night, We all were like “lets all get together sometime”. I really didnt totally mean it, but i figured, what the hell..

I exchanged numbers with the better looking one. Shes like in her mid 40’s. Mind you.. im not old, lol. She tells me that she’s separated and on the verge of divorcing. That was the red flag I ignored. We talk and text for about a week or so. She tells me that her and her husband still lives together.. just not in the same bed.

Again, i chose to ignore this blatant as red flag.

We decide to meet up for drinks. She gets there.. looking fine as all hell. We’re having a ball. Good conversation.. all that. Then… We were sitting on bar like stools. She was facing me with her legs in between mines. All kinds of frolicking.

All of a sudden, I hear this stern male voice like “whats going on here?” I tipsy as hell.. but i know this isnt good. I look up and he starts talking to her. She tells him its none his business. Its her husband. Worst awkward moment ever. So now im standing up because I just want to leave.

I mean.. Im not fighting this man over his wife. Does not make any sense. Now, im standing between him and her. I say “ima just go..”. The easiest way was to walk between them. He wasn’t having that.

He says “nah, you not going this way.”. So now im like fuck.. I may in fact have to hit this dude.

I decide that Im not fighting this man. I kinda go back around the stool and walk the other direction. I dip. Im walking to my ride.. pissed but happy it didn’t turn into a bigger problem. She calls me about 20 minutes after.. crying and apologizing. I tell her its cool (don’t know why I said that).. and she wants to come by just because she didnt want to go home.

Me thinking with my homie below, I say cool.

She comes over and we talk for awhile. Now, im worried that he followed her over. I could have just told her not to come over, but what fun would that have been? And I guess a partial apology was her wanting to give me head. Im not in any position to decline, so yeah..

So the next day.. I look up her husband on Facebook. I was so buzzed, I couldn’t really remember what he looked like. I needed to know what this guy looked like in case I saw this guy out in public. We continue to mess around for maybe 2 months. We’d do dinner and drinks mostly.. She paid every time.

Who doesn’t like to be treated?

After a while, she began to have these crazy feelings. But im like.. you’re still married. How can you demand more from me? But I was loving being treated and random gifts. Like.. during our time, it was around black friday. She bought me like 3 or 4 Tigers fitteds. Folks that know me know I LOVE my Tigers fitteds.

So finally.. she ended it. She wanted more.. And it just wasnt gonna work out. Plus, she was still married. Whats so crazy is that she sent me a text on my birthday.. shocked that she remembered it. I can’t fuck with her anymore though. Although..nah, never mind. I just cant. Between being wined and dined and good sex.. I was ignoring all kinds of shit like what if her hubby ran up on me wanting to put his paws on me.

My advice to yall… don’t fuck with married folks.


O’s 21 Rules for Twitter

Annex - Heston, Charlton (Ten Commandments, The)_05

“I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
A step by step booklet for you to get
Your game on track, not your wig pushed back” – Notorious B.I.G.



In a random act of tweeting.. I posted what I thought were good rules/suggestions for living this twitter life. Being about these twitter streets for almost 4 years.. I’ve learned a ton. Most of which is common sense. Nevertheless.. some things are worth repeating.

So here goes…

1. Pick your battles wisely. Some folks are ready to debate at a moments notice for ANYTHING.

2. Use your mutes/filters frequently. Control your timeline. Unfollow when needed.

3. Refrain from Beyonce slander. Her followers are deep and ready to roll. Justin Bieber as well.

4. Don’t react.

5. Follow rule 4.

6. Beware of  most Grammar tweeps. They have nothing else to do but expose your flaws.

7. Tweeps use the term ‘Nerd’ often. Ignore it.. it means nothing.

8. Know that what folks “give no fucks” about.. really care about said subject.

9. Watch for baited arguments. Don’t fall for the trap.

10. All local tweeps are not worth following.

11. Hit dogs holla. Most folks will tell on themselves when you’re not even speaking on them.

12. Keyboard thuggin happens. Don’t even trip. Same things tweeted wouldn’t happen in real life.

13. Foursquare is a gift and a curse. Use wisely.

14. Locked accounts are like humping with clothes on. No one cares.

15. Twitter rarely separates church and state. Enter those conversations with caution.

16. A Retweet does NOT equal a cosign. Ask for clarification if needed.

17. Don’t mix facebook and Twitter. Iown even talk about Twitter on facebook.

18. Don’t worry about follows. Tweet for interaction.

19. Behave yourself. Screen shots are real as hell.

20. Don’t leak nudes.

21. See number 20. It’s real yo.

There you have it.

It’s really not 21.. some are repeated for importance. But, as you can see.. its no real written laws to this shit. Its just some things I’ve seen over the years and figured you guys could stand to prosper in twife.. (see what I did there?)

Also, follow me on Twitter @BlameOtis


New Losses, But Never Alone

My last post was titled “Come on 2013, This month sucks..”. Had I waited another week, I could have made it a much longer post.

When I got the call that my dad was gone, It was almost like a movie. Im at home, cleaning up..listening to some music. The actual song was:

If you’ve heard the song.. you know its a pretty upbeat.

I see that my uncle is calling. He’s typically long winded, and I was about to send him to voice mail… but I was curious as to why he was calling me this morning. He says “O, I have some bad news.”. I knew it was my dad or grandma.. one of the two. When he said it was my dad, I had this feeling I’ve never experienced before. It was like I left my body and was looking at myself as i was taking this news on the phone. I hung up. I just cried. I felt so bad. Although I knew his days was numbered with his drug use, I just thought he was live longer. I told my uncle that I wanted to be the one to tell my sister. I wanted to wait until she was off work, but word was traveling faster than I wanted it too. My mom and I goes up to her job. Today, shes happy as hell.. which makes this news I’m about to drop on her even harder to do. I tell her, and she just breaks down crying. I cry again. Its just a water works session.

The initial story was that he was just found dead in a field. He had went missing early January. I knew none of this until the day I found out he passed. I hadn’t talked to him since early December. It was common for him to drift off for a few days when he was using. He’d resurface after his money and the high was gone. I assume that why my fam never told me that he was missing. It was all kinds of speculation as to how he died. The medical examiners report wasn’t complete, so any theories we had weren’t based on truths.

I got the police report and it never talked about homicide. He had drug paraphernalia on him when he was found. My thoughts were did he get beat to death over some drugs? Did he use too much? I really just wanted to know the truth.

My dad’s wife asked me to speak at the funeral. I was honored and scared at the same time. I had a week to prepare..although I didn’t really start preparing until 2 days before. At the funeral, I told the guests that I forgave my father years ago for the lack of presence he had in my life.. and encouraged them to forgive those to has hurt them. I shared about how although he wasn’t in my life much, I was never fatherless. I had many men in my life that helped me become who I am today. From coaches, mentors, other fathers.. I was never without a dad figure. Finally.. I told them that my last dealings with my dad were good.. no grudges or anything.. and for that, I am happy.

We didn’t get word on how my dad died until after the funeral. He overdosed on heroine. I had some peace knowing that it wasn’t someone else that took his like. My dad was his own enemy. He fought for years to kick the drug habit, and just didn’t work out. My dad had been using most of my life.. so for almost 25+ years.

This is the second time he overdosed with heroine.

This happens maybe 5 or so years ago. He was somehow revived with some counter drug. For most the years he’d be using drugs, he used crack. After that time, he made vows to get straight. Vows he’d made all my life.


I truly loved my dad. With all the shit we’ve been through, I never stopped loving him. When I forgave him, it was like we had a fresh new relationship. I never looked back on the bad and I just hoped that he would get himself together. It worked out a little differently than I wanted it to be.


Forgiveness is the word for the year.



Come on 2013, This month sucks..

Friday, December 14th.. was a fucked up day.

In my lifetime, I’ve never known of so many kids to be killed like what happened in Connecticut. Its still surreal.

I’m sitting at work, reading about all the news.. trying to piece together whats really happening and not. My lead comes up to me like “We got a meeting, grab ya phone just in case” This aint good at all.

To cut it short, Friday was my last day at that job.

The reason? “We sadly have to cut overhead cost..”. Yeah.. ok. So I’m sitting in this room with my fuckshit lead and the COO as they give me the “Im sorry, but” talk… really not believing any of this shit.


I’ve complained lately how the management was shot to shit and I wanted to leave come spring. I really didn’t feel the heat coming this soon. I’m certain that the crew my lead kept near her.. is still working. Yeah… cards just landed kinda fucked up.

Dah well. Shit happens. Can’t be sitting around wondering why it happened to me. This happened to me close to 4 years ago. I was definitely not prepared and went almost 2 years before finding a gig. I’d admit.. I wasn’t looking as best as I could. I didn’t have a  car at the time.. so it was real rough.

Is there a bright side? Eh, not really. It’s never a good time to be let go from a job, especially when you didn’t have a plan on whats next. I’m certain I’ll be off until January sometime. until then.. I’ll have my resume ready on Monday and start applying. Christmas break came a little early. I’ll for sure make the most of it.

It’s hard to complain about things when it was a mass killing of children that happened the same day. Which is why I did try to tweet about it. Just wasn’t the time. Prayers to the families that lost loves one.

Wish me luck :)


Losing my V


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